2018 Ford Taurus Exterior and Interior

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The company has high expectations of the new 2018 Ford Taurus. According to recent reports, the current model will soon complete production, and the new model should come as replaced. This model is one of the well-known American manufacturer nameplates. It has been in production for a long time. The original model dates back to 1985. So far we have seen seven generations of the same. The first model belongs to the class of medium-sized cars, while new ones are in full size. The latest version was launched last year in China. Although designed primarily for this country, we believe that this model will soon be in other markets, including North America.

Exterior and Interior

The 2018 Ford Taurus does not hide its size but maximizes it. 112 inches between the wheels, includes more than 80 inches of front and rear projections to help achieve a small and elegant profile. This intensifies with sharp lines and vivid specific anchors that are not unpleasant, but they are old now. Compared to several others, the most complete sleizers, the Taurus does not cut exactly the same way once they did.

The 2018 Ford Taurus is flooded with quality products and an excellent surface allows validating its higher price. Although we prefer the higher Taurus settings many better information and engine options, we recognize that the basic versions are generally not poor places to be.


The current model is offered in China is available with two engines. These engines are 2.0 liter and 2.7 liter V6 EcoBoost. The first offer comes as a base, and has a maximum power of 240 horsepower. The other is good for about 325 horsepower. In addition to these two units, we expect more from the US market. However, the engines are not known exactly. The current sixth generation uses several engines, but only the 3.5-liter V6 unit comes with an EcoBoost technology, while others a little dated. Therefore, expect this engine on offer as well. It is good for about 365 horsepower.

Release and Price

2018 Ford Taurus rumors price $ 27000. Up to $ 30,000. This new review 2018 Ford Taurus and specifications is my prediction and rumors.

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