2018 Ferrari California Exterior and Interior

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 - Ferrari
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Ferrari would probably show who are the biggest in the car next time. It is, of course, is visible apart from its latest generation vehicles like the automaker 2018 Ferrari California redesigned this vehicle for its amateurs and sports car enthusiasts. It goes hand in hand with a new design both on the outside and inside.

Exterior and Interior

On the sides, the exhaust is similar to the predecessor. The car has two large air intakes that power the intercooler and brakes. Aerodynamics smooth the same appearance. Much more headlights are more. The construction is made of sheet metal which ensures the stability of its maximum speed of 196 mph. Four arrangements made for the door capacity of four places. The trunk automatically opens to the pressure of a suitably placed control convertible. 2018 Ferrari California is available in several colors.

We have already seen that this feeling is 2018 greater than its predecessor. The improved size makes for a much better and spacious interior. Any car enthusiast looking for comfort and beauty. The seat design uses an unsportsmanlike manner and an excellent center console in low and slim form. The incredible positioning seats leave enough room for all heights. Finishing touches in soft leather reveals a call to all car enthusiasts agree is super amazing. 2018 Ferrari California has the best technology. Information and entertainment systems (infotainment) are the touch screen. The system contains information and radio entertainment, navigation and control of two climatic zones.


This vehicle certainly will not disappoint its fans, so the ideal installed to provide a much better engine performance. 2018 Ferrari California uses 3.9L turbo V8 engine of two Ferrari can give 560 horsepower, a very sporty vehicle seems to like. The best is its speed; it only requires 3.6 seconds to contact 60 mph. The automaker 7-speed automatic transmission using this type of communication that not only fast, but also safe to walk in the streets. Miles petrol but not together; No additional information on this subject.

Release and Price

For fast, modern 2018 Ferrari California car, an estimated base price of $ 150,000. Mile per gallon is 16 and 23 for city and highway, respectively.

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