2018 Citroen Survolt Exterior and Interior

Monday, July 10th, 2017 - Citroen
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Your vehicle will be provided by Citroen and exhibited at the 2018 Geneva Show. 2018 Citroen Survolt is probably the most attractive Citroen Company car and the strongest. It is a compact car based on the idea of ​​Citroen Revolte car that had been set up seven years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Using the 152-inch size, this vehicle is not too important. However, it is extremely helpful.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of this model is exceptional, so when you look, cannot be excited. Everything from the outside is ideal, starting with the large grille that is created in the oblong shape to give the vehicle a more attractive and elegant appearance. The headlights are thin and side to side, as well as its design is guided by a solid performance sport, so we can say that the designers have done a good job in this particular section. In addition, the headlights are driven by modern targeted technology, which has reduced the use of force than conventional incandescent bulbs. Entry Fender 2018 Citroen Survolt is enormous and well-built, located just a few inches off the ground, and here could discover the incredibly high airflow inputs serving its purpose and assisting the engine cooling. Input screen of this model is created from aluminum and is formed in the Citroen logo. The chassis is entirely constructed from lightweight components, such as aluminum and CO2 fibers. In the back part again, we could see the rear spoiler that can help increase the force of the lower back. The exterior design 2018 Citroen Survolt is extremely luxurious, so we can say that this car is the perfect combination of sports car and haute couture.

The interior design 2018 Citroen Survolt is also impressive and elegant, there are many high quality materials inside, with a filling of leather fibers and carbon dioxide. The cabin can accommodate up to 2 passengers and provide them with a high dose of comfort and extremely enjoyable travel. , Everything is luxurious and sporty interior, and all interior depends on the competition. The controls are multifunctional, influenced by steering wheels F1. In addition, the chairs are very sporty and comfortable and covered with real leather of course.


2018 Citroen Survolt this model sold retail for matching electric motors that can generate 300 incredible Hewlett-Packard. The speed of 60 mph is only 4.7 seconds, while the best speed is 162 mph. According to Citroen, the batteries provide a range of 120 miles, and that’s fantastic. This model offers all the electric traction chain, but also has very sporty performance which is not only ideal for customers but also for the atmosphere.

Release and Price

As it is written in the introduction, the release date of this model was in 2018 Geneva Motor Show, and if you want to buy, we can say that this ideal supercar 2018 Citroen Survolt you have to pay high, since its price is $ 1.8 million. However, this attraction is undoubtedly well worth the money.

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