2018 Citroen DS3 Exterior and Interior

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 - Citroen
2018 Citroen DS3 3 year old 4 door


Although sales of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles in the US market have been over 20 years, the PSA group is not inferior to the world’s trends. Demand and sales of sport utility vehicles are no less in Europe and China than in America. In these two continents Brenda DS models currently available. As some would say, the luxury version of Peugeot and Citroen models. 2018 Citroen DS3 is the following model, with which the mark represents.

Exterior and Interior

Specifically, a new face, with a square grid and a more angular bumper treatment that makes the 2018 Citroen DS3 look a bit like a transformer unsatisfied. A shiny chrome frame for the grille ensures that the new design with a “dual wing” pattern reaches the headlights and fog. In addition, the tail lights with 3D effect and a few other small adjustments aside, its activities as usual, with the floating roof mark 2018 Citroen DS3, two height boards and the police shark behind end doors always present and correct. There are now a stunning 78 different color combinations of roof / body available, including four different hues for the roof fabric cabrio. This figure is insignificant compared to customization options, now a total of three million somewhat incomprehensible said once all the dashboard options and the inside fabric were taken into account. In addition to a new series of roof stickers, including a kind of Argyle sweater model. There is a new collection of alloy wheels, too.

It is the biggest Smartphone connectivity, probably music to the ears of the young urban target market Citroen DS3 2018. A new 7-inch touch screen on the dashboard reduces the number of internal buttons 20 and integrates Mirror Link for Android phones and iPhones Apple car charts to assign the phone and application functions directly to the dashboard screen. The voice command system has learned a few new tricks as well, including hands-free text messages and Siri’s mobile phones moving. There is also a downloadable smart phone application “MyDS”, saying that when your next service is due, what its fuel economy has been and even if you have parked


PureTech gasoline engines and a new 1.5 BlueHDi diesel, only mentioned as the initiator of the unit. This model is realized under the common modular platform (CMP). The specifications of this model will be known when the time comes for presentation. Unlike DS5 SUV, which appears as a rival Audi Q5 and similar vehicles, 2018 Citroen DS3 SUV is less competitive. CX-3 Q2 Audi and Mazda in the category of models of a smaller DS brand will be attached.

Release and Price

The possible approach, hopes that the compact SUV of fresh products will debut in 2017 strategy using a production version will likely come along with the standard 2018 Citroen DS3 hatchback. The price will be between $ 24,000 to $ 27,000.

2018 Citroen DS3 used 0 car finance

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