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The BMW Toyota partnership begins to take shape with more news on what is reserved for this wedding. Rumors have circulated since the two automakers announced the partnership in January 2013, many of which focused on reviving the Toyota Supra and developing the next generation of the BMW Z4. However, more recent reports claim that the next BMW Z4 will not be the result of the Bavarian manufacturer’s collaboration with its Japanese counterpart. Instead, it will be a Z4 replacement that will be called the 2018 BMW Z4. The Z4 concept that BMW unveiled in 2017 confirms that nothing will change in terms of design and names.

Exterior and Interior

Compared to the outgoing Z4, the new 2018 BMW Z4 would be lower and wider. The long hood of the same will be equipped with aggressive defenses that give it a more menacing appearance. Although it is said that some of the extreme style details that can be seen in the images would be muted in actual production, as the wing mirrors could be larger, the flying buttresses can be seen behind the headrests would traditionally use folding fabric roofs, etc. The big BMW barbecues, which are a BMW signature, would in this case be smaller and have a smaller chrome to fit the license plate. The main features of the 2018 BMW Z4 that we expect would remain in the actual production in: The style line of the angle of the car, which runs through the side doors of cars and also helps to break the side profile of the car, the merge with the back style. This really helps to increase the visual width of the car. Despite the increase in size, it is expected that the car will be made of steel, aluminum and magnesium, which would reduce the weight of the car, facilitating a smoother ride. The design of the car was done in such a way that the disc seems to be in the center, making sure that it is in the center of all the attention.

This car 2018 BMW Z4 was designed as a driving car and this is evident not only outside the car, but also inside. While the passenger side of the car is quite similar to the exterior tone, it’s the driver’s side of the car that comes with its own black color scheme, dotted with chrome here and there. However, it’s the red-changing palettes that catch your eye. The passenger and driver seats have both been luxuriously and sporty, ensuring total comfort on long journeys. However, the contrasting colors of the seats may not be present in the final production. Among the outstanding features of the interior of this car is the information and entertainment display that seems to be really floating and is higher on the driver’s side than the passenger’s side, allowing the driver not to lose It is controlled by a console, which seems to be integrated into the board, but in reality the two simply merge. The steering wheel is unique in that only the lower spoke connects the rim to the central hub. The pedals are aluminum that matches the chrome found in other parts of the car. As expected, the car comes without rear seats.


The engine options are still unknown, but given BMW’s recent strategy, the base model should have a four-cylinder turbocharged under the hood. The same unit is likely to be available with higher efficiency in a higher cut version, while a six-liter inline engine should motivate the range limit variant. A high-performance M version could also be developed, but it will not be destroyed until 2018. Reports suggest that BMW could also add a hybrid to the lineup, and although some claim the Germans might choose not to do so. Differentiate 2018 BMW Z4 from his brother Toyota, which will likely follow the hybrid route, such a transmission is more than likely given the current strategy of the company. The powertrain will be sitting in a new sports car architecture developed jointly with Toyota. But even if they share components, each platform will be different from each other, and BMW should offer a sportier experience. Transmission options should include manual and dual clutch automatic transmissions. In addition, the 2018 BMW Z4 could be equipped with an optional all-wheel drive.

Release and Price

Company officials say the new 2018 BMW Z4 with sharper creases and angular light is the “new BMW design language”. This model will reach the markets somewhere in the summer of 2018 and its price will start around £ 35,000.

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