2016 Volvo C30 Exterior and Interior

Sunday, September 25th, 2016 - Volvo
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2016 Volvo C30 is a car that will reach a new model of small family car. This will be a future car that is lighter and more elegant. You will feel at ease when it comes to the future of this car. This car is a car that is very popular in China. You can get this car as it will come with an electric ion engine is very difficult.

Exterior and Interior

Design and vehicle model 2016 Volvo C30 is like other luxury cars. Efforts have been paid to minimize body weight structure. It is said that the use of aluminum metal has enabled the company to make a lightweight design. This may be a point with the boundary of cells. The exterior design is nearby and attractive. This vehicle looks like a classic alternative comfortable ride. The headlights and indicators combined, but have separate lines. Only brought the technology that makes the difference when it is used. The gate of this vehicle is the small number of wide with 100% electric version. The hood of the car has a couple of prominent curved lines in the margins. Rim and tire options are also present.

Interior Features 2016 Volvo C30 includes a mixture of luxury items. The installation address contains several options to control the display instance. The dashboard is elegant with 8-inch touch screen. This is the color screen to provide accurate seat while driving. The new train became electric motors installed to function accurately. The vehicle carries the navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and Google Maps with drivers. The fuel consumption rate of the vehicle is zero because electric motors. However, it is expected that 2016 Volvo C30 to cover 38 a long way to recharge. 1 charging will not take less than 7, 5 hours. Drivers can get a rate connected with 120-150 km per hour with this electric car. Some models connected with Audi and Toyota, most of Mitsubishi i-MiEV can be competition for this vehicle.


This family car will come powerful electric motor. According to rumors in 2016 Volvo C30 coming to power of 24kWh lithium-ion battery will certainly be a 82kW electric motor / 220nm. After falling short of finding a partner to build a CMA system Volvo is finally becoming a mother and parent company China Geely. Billing factor certainly limited by the grid would look exactly like the current version. In a car they certainly remain virtually identical. Under the hood of this car, and there would be 24kWh lithium-ion battery electric necessarily 82kW / 220nm suitable electric motor. This electric motor will certainly help the automatic cover 0-60 miles. More electric cars are produced and the increased attractiveness increases as a result of one of the major factors that can be filled at night while resting and generate efficiency 60-80 miles faster than the demand was. Electric cars do not buy gas refueling easy, because it is much safer to set minimum carbon dioxide and exhaust to perform. It will be a very good performance for future electric cars. Underarm you drive this future car feel comfortable. This car will bring the desired speed.

Release and Price

The price related to the 2016 Volvo C30 model of about $ 50,000. The price will come down right out of fresh electric models. The paper connected to Mitsubishi i-MiEV is very important in this area.

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