2016 Scion TC Exterior and Interior

Saturday, September 17th, 2016 - Scion
2016 scion tc horsepower


The 2016 Scion TC Coupe is a practice with a decent space and fuel economy, but the power and performance are far from exciting. Scion offers two coupes, sporting rear-drive FR-S and attractive and convenient front-drive 2016 Scion TC. The FR-S can get more excitement at the dealership, but a 2016 Scion TC is competent lift back cut that best suits the needs of drivers who do not care about performance. Reflecting why buy this car on the FR-S, there are still some reasons to choose traction before 2016 Scion TC, such as quality or driving characteristics for money. The FR-S also offers more usable space. Two adults can fit in the back, and the shaded area will accommodate much more luggage than the FR-S. 2016 Scion TC is retiring after this year; Toyota is folding up the Scion brand and all, but in 2016 Scion TC lives like Toyota cars. Do not expect magic containers in the 2016 Scion TC, however, as all the usual rules here sports coupe. The accommodations are tight at the front and rear, with space for tight around his head (a sunroof is standard and makes things a little worse than it could be). An unexpected twist is that the seat tilts back a little. cargo versatility is also a little better than expected, with the front seats tilt forward easily and shading a large enough area (with deep side compartments) for various hand roller.

Exterior and Interior

Changes in the appearance in 2016 Scion TC, must, in the right way to meet the demands of the driver. Attractive sport is always present with a greater dynamic line. This improved the aerodynamics. Some parts certainly influence the best performance of the car while driving. It is becoming increasingly aggressive time, agile and stable. The appointment of a new functional spoiler virtually grounded. For adrenaline racing fans will make a difference. The grille is truly unique. It is composed of elegant chrome strips in the center, crossing the company logo. The bottom is reserved for the large chrome surface as large honeycomb. It is divided into three parts and, at the same time, also forms part of an air inlet. In fact, it is a big improvement for 2016 Scion TC. The body is composed of three exterior doors and high-quality paint. Each part really belongs to the future. Messages in the car are black while the windows are tinted. Spoilers are mounted on the front, back and sides. Update is the fenders, bumpers and headlights, of course. The new design makes it much more attractive and equipped with better lighting technologically. At the rear, you can see the pretty massive bumpers and rectangular light with excellent performance. The exhaust system must be placed in the center. And have two big chrome exhaust pipes. As befits a sports car such as alloy wheels 2016 Scion TC have also been redesigned and offers include the size of 18 inches.

2016 Scion TC has space and very comfortable interior. The changes have affected the quality that goes up to a higher level. The appearance is enhanced by the use of building materials and modern quality. Cup will be a comfortable cabin with enough space to accommodate four passengers safely. The seats are covered with soft materials and anatomically correspond to a fully sporty driving. It provides a sense of adventure and safety. Designers have tried to transform the interior into a place full of functional additives and a pleasant space. First is the redesigned front containing the control system and accessories. In the middle, a touch screen, which is the control center of a large piece of equipment is placed. Just below are the buttons for climate control or audio system. Open the airflow is divided into districts, which are located near the door and a quarter in the middle of the cockpit. Decorated in a special way with a different color, as well visible. Sports steering wheel has buttons to control the audio system, which was promoted. Includes HD radio, Bluetooth, USB port, as well as many other options. There is a hands-free phone calls, voice commands, as well as connection of smartphones. Therefore, the use of an intelligent application is included as an option. Under the provision of equipment will include next-generation navigation system.


2016 Scion TC performance is only adequate. Line 4 2.5 liter produces 179 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque. It is associated with a manual 6-speed transmission or 6-speed automatic, the latter with two paddle wheels and blipping downshift rev. Zero to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds comes with manual and 8.3 seconds with the automatic transmission, both modest numbers. The electric power steering feels good, like all great disc brakes, and the ride quality is obviously a priority as the large wheels and 18-inch tires do not make things too hard.

Release and Price

It completely changed, in 2016 Scion TC should appear at the end of this year. Production costs should also influence the final price of the car. The exact price is not yet available, but the base model will cost about $ 19,000. Hyundai Veloster as competitors, Kia Spectra, Mazda 3, Honda Civic and Ford Focus appear.

2016 scion tc horsepower

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