2016 Opel Adam Exterior and Interior

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We consider that the above at any time of the day and night, if someone offers key, really thank you very much as it seems, a set of ideas Ital design Parcour are not the only experiments that produce their debut at the Geneva motor Show that become influenced by park our athletes, as detailed Opel said about his new 2016 Opel Adam, however. 2016 Opel Adam is a new car that will probably be excellent and a trend that is highly skilled design. This vehicle will be an extremely interesting car .This car also comes with a combination of fresh color of the most effective fashion cities, graffiti shop or “Germany’s next top model”. The success proves the law of Opel. This vehicle was prey capture in a highly competitive market segment of over 10 percent. In addition, more than 50 percent of customers before Adam led another brand. Because not only encouraged the marketing department. Anyone who thinks hip urban bars will not increase, but better than now teaches.

Exterior and Interior

The outer profile of the 2016 Opel Adam is a perfect combination of rugged and adventurous style with a sporty performance that creates a whole new personality. The look is enhanced by well-defined contours, side skirts and a protective coating that give a late appearance. Adding to the experience is a “swing roof sheet,” which opens in 5 seconds. The roof is available in five colors that contrast with the 11 body colors are offered for 2016 Opel Adam. Other features include a lowered rear bumper and extended suspension is integrated with a sport exhaust.

The interior design of the 2016 Opel Adam fits. The only team adapted 2016 Opel Adam is the fabric roof. The ceiling is mounted to create the impression of riding in a convertible. The roof is operated by a push of a button and can open and close with speeds up to 140 km / h. The small window back four passengers Recaro sport seats. However, while the driver and front passenger will experience enough space for legs, it cannot be said for the rear passengers. In fact, if the driver is greater than 1.85 meters, 2016 Opel Adam is a car three. When the rear seats in place, the cab offers a load space of 170 liters, extending to 663 L when folding the bench. Other features include a multifunction steering wheel and an integrated system IntelliLink infotainment with a 7-inch touch screen. The infotainment system iOS and Android mobile connections with the car. For safety, the tailgate includes a blind spot warning, advanced park assist, enhanced safety belts and airbags package among others.


2016 Opel Adam will present the performance of 1.0 liter three-cylinder turbo. About 200 engineers tinker more than three and a half years on the device, as the first is maintained. In the new Corsa, a small turbo should come into play quickly. The engine delivers 115 horsepower and 170 Nm in the most powerful way. In this motor vehicle combines zero to 100 times km / h less than ten seconds with an average consumption of 5.1 liters of fuel. This seems more reasonable. With much more impressive, but the third courtesy of a brand new pot that is silky and very quiet in most situations. Every time we went a little harder, you can find typical three cylinder furious roar and a little rebellious, but it happens more peaceful and very melodic.

Release and Price

The vehicle was unveiled in the spring at the Amsterdam Show and is already on sale in Germany. The 2016 Opel Adam sells for € 19.900 ($ 21,000) on the local market, a figure that varies slightly from other markets.

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