2016 McLaren P1 Exterior and Interior

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 - McLaren


We have never been a better time for luxury cars, despite fears diminish gender and environmental concerns. Instead, manufacturers like McLaren, with its surprisingly able 2016 McLaren P1, have adopted the hybrid technology to create vehicles capable of much more than I ever imagined. 2016 McLaren P1 is a completely different of its iconic predecessor, the beast of F1, but rejected when the F1 technology in the pursuit of driving purity, 2016 McLaren P1 used to your advantage. Hybrid power, turbo, suspension and adjustable active aerodynamics make dramatic on the road and fast races in a circuit. Ultimately, the genius of F1 means that it can never really be eclipsed, but 2016 McLaren P1 is remarkable at a time products of fatty vehicles equally brilliant.

Exterior and Interior

Its interior is nothing like the original car, which is due to the fact that McLaren wanted something less boring. The satellite navigation system and dual-zone climate control system have been eliminated. Instead there is now a typical / c and no satellite navigation unit, but rather a light panel with buttons for various functions of the car. The seats are made of Kevlar and carbon with fire-retardant upholstery fibers and also has a bar integrated carbon fiber.

The exterior of the 2016 McLaren P1 on the other side is quite similar to the standard car but has included some features. Tires and wheels and much lighter and more durable and the car sits lower too, thanks to a new fixed suspension system that can be modified in different ways to make the car react much better. At the rear of the retractable rear wing, it was changed to a fixed wing, which is in 2 poles in carbon fiber. Although the DRS system went 2016 McLaren P1 compensate with lots of energy. Thank you to the new wing, the car can have a more flexible rear allowing the causes less air turbulence at high-speed.


You can share components with the 650S, but working in tandem with an electric motor alone, the 2016 McLaren P1 V8 bi-turbo 3.8-liter produces a maximum power of 903bhp.

Release and Price

It opened in 2015 near Geneva Auto Show had the opportunity to see the new 2016 McLaren P1 campaign Vehicle surprised everyone with its appearance and performance, and take the high incidence are provided. If you want a car ready to pay £ 866,000. This cost includes the review of the principal of the design firm and access to physical fitness and group access to the controller between the dedicated McLaren racing simulator.

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