2016 Lincoln MKS Exterior and Interior

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2016 Lincoln MKS is a car that will accompany the new regime. This car is presented as a model of the second period. This car was made by an exceptionally innovative modelers who brought this car to be charming and pleasant. Power train presented by this car is also great. The second generation 2016 Lincoln MKS accounts using information from sources intimately familiar with its development. Designed under the direction of Max Wolff, who has worked at Cadillac and Holden before 2016 Lincoln MKS embodies the future direction of the brand style. His conservative lines and 1970 inspired by twisting the shoulder line and the rear side windows are not going to wow anyone, but are an attempt to create an “American” style, as well as a family some resemblance to the crossover MKC. In addition, there are sufficient amounts of chromium to answer these most important Chinese tastes. However, there are few things in common with the MKZ sedan, the futuristic style similar to the concept seems to lead nowhere. 2016 Lincoln MKS, of course, will be offered with themes interior luxury Black Label launched at Pebble Beach earlier this month. Dear fans of our Lincoln brand, is preparing to launch one of the best to date, many of which are already talking and waiting for the best possible results. 2016 Lincoln MKS, developed at the Max Wolff, according to information available on it will be a major overhaul in terms of appearance. The expert team has taken a big business, with the goal of creating a design that surpasses many of its competitors in the class of this beautiful. The new 2016 Lincoln MKS will be enriched with conservative lines, particularly on the rear side of the car. These lines will be used in the vehicle model from the 1970s, which will be the future users will be very nice, because they are fun to remember a past time.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Lincoln MKS adopts Ford Taurus the platform ancient heritage Volvo S80. The manufacturer has revised the outside to give it a modern look. The overall look is elegant with lots of chrome without forgetting the fairing firm has extensive grid before flying eagle and distinctive style headlights. The new sedan has a soft body with smooth lines and chrome accents that add to your beautiful new look. The manufacturer tried to give the American accent frontal style to identify with the American market. Most of the body was made of aluminum and other lightweight materials means the new 2016 Lincoln MKS will be much lighter than its predecessor.

2016 Lincoln MKS The interior received a huge facelift to offer a high level of comfort and luxury for passengers. For starters, the manufacturer has installed new seats that offer more comfort to passengers. These seats are highly adjustable, heated and covered from top quality materials. Overall, the interior is spacious with plenty of room for cargo and passenger space. Other interior features include guests ventilation controls in a quality wooden dashboard which will have a redesigned center console .The manufacturer also improved other features in the current model to provide a smooth ride and experience management.


2016 Lincoln MKS will be offered with a new 2.9-liter V-6 EcoBoosted Nano codename, and proved EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6. This engine meets or exceed 365 horsepower Taurus SHO, and we hope that the smaller V-6 to produce in the area of 300 hp. First, speed changes will be handled by a six-speed automatic, but eventually the 2016 Lincoln MKS will be the recipient of the new Auto rate which is jointly developed by Ford and GM. Power is transmitted to the front wheels, but all-wheel drive will be an option and is probably necessary when combined with the 3.5-liter. 2016 Lincoln MKS has remained silent on the mechanical equipment under the new MKX, but we hope to continue to offer a V6. The current 3.7-liter V6 could lead to more, but 21 combined to the drive version before (AWD gets 19 mpg combined) fuel consumption mpg is not particularly impressive. The new MKX could offer the new EcoBoost 2.7-liter V6 scheduled to begin in the new matrix F-150 Ford. A four-cylinder turbo hybrid electric or remain possibilities. Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive will be available. This car has great seats that have the possibility of division and bending. His space in the cabin for the driver and passengers, as well as space for luggage capacity is very high, and will be able respond to user needs other controls profile. Guest ventilation is available, also shows that it is a good choice. 2016 Lincoln MKS will be the most luxurious cars, which are likely to have a wooden panel, Key Card power, heated seats, upholstery fabric, drawing keeping the tilt wheels and leather upholstery. Under the hood, the new 2016 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost 2.9 L V6 or 3.5L V6 engine will be offered. These engines are capable of producing up to 300 horsepower. The drive wheels are front or four.

Release and Price

It is expected that the next generation 2016 Lincoln MKS to hit showrooms either in late 2015 or early 2016; automotive analysts predict that production will initially be introduced at the International Auto Show in New York. It is expected that the prices for the new 2016 Lincoln MKS to increase slightly in the current version, which sells for about $ 41,320 for the level of the basic equipment.

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