2016 Lincoln Continental Exterior and Interior

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Back in ancient times, Lincoln was one of the top US automakers. The latest version of this car was launched in 2002, and the line has been interrupted since then, but it will definitely come back with many aces up his sleeve. From time to time information on the new 2016 Lincoln Continental sale. There are some spy photos, classifieds and speculation about the car, but we can say with more certainty is that, when it finally arrives, will be one of the best cars in its class. 2016 Lincoln Continental will be a car that explodes chic, stylish, high-end, industry-leading performance.

Exterior and Interior

Thus, the interior is concerned, we expect the foreign configuration on the concept of living. The concept was beginning to get very elegant features, but that could be costly for the production model. The automaker has a strong reputation for providing high quality functionality and should not be a surprise if they decide to include every bite of the concept in the production vehicle. On the dashboard, buyers should expect new sum supplements which should make the car 2016 Lincoln Continental modern and sophisticated. Grill Redesign remain unchanged and quite possibly now consist of a 2016 Lincoln Continental high plate and a mesh which was made from a combination of polished aluminum star emblems. 2016 Lincoln Continental probably die-hard enthusiastic react differently after seeing the brand overturned grill hit the trash after so many years of use. Update headlights on the front fascia is something that should make you happy. The automaker will likely keep the pop extravagant door handles in-car production, although it will be just a marketing gimmick for protection from potential competitors. One feature I like the car company retains automobile production is the chrome strip that runs around the sides and front / rear apron skirts, however, I feel that 2016 Lincoln Continental goes for uniform appearance.

The interior of the new 2016 Lincoln Continental was built to offer its passengers all the amenities there. Come with the load and increased cabin space to ensure its passengers high level of comfort regardless of the distance traveled. The expected 2016 Lincoln Continental must reach the cabin similar to its predecessor, including thirty seat adjustment positions, both in the features front and rear. In the redesigned center console, buyers should wait for the new 2016 Lincoln Continental coming with modern accessories, including the support tray shelf. Other models in the top of the trim will come with a champagne storage compartment. The fund may also be reserved for the long version of the wheelbase for the Chinese market. Automakers are clear that all that was unveiled the concept version will certainly meet in the production model.


Many certainly expected a V-8 engine powerful 2016 Lincoln Continental, but no. The company will stick to 3.7-liter V6 cyclone and possibly replace it with a version of 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. The top version of the class will be 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 plug current MKS. He will come to front wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. 6 gear transmission could even be replaced by new automatic transmission speeds is cheaper. I guess they will install version 9 of the gear because the gear Version 10 is only manufactured and used for the transmission of the rear wheel, and 9 speed for FWD and AWD. The production of such transmission will begin in late 2015 and early 2016, just in time to be installed in 2016 Lincoln Continental.

Release and Price

2016 Lincoln Continental prices and release dates have not been officially released to users worldwide, however, expect the new Lincoln for a first somewhere in the second half of next year (2016). Given the price of the new 2016 Lincoln Continental, we should expect the new car to come with about $ 40,000 price tag.

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