2016 Lamborghini Urus Exterior and Interior

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 - Lamborghini


2016 Lamborghini Urus was announced as a future project of this premium brand is centered around. It seems that the project is finally completed, and the SUV is ready to enter the market competition. The timing is good, people are crazy about the compact SUV at the time, and this car is rumored to have excellent characteristics.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Lamborghini Urus has taken a different path in the exterior design of this model. Instead of the usual sharp edges on its other brands 2016 Lamborghini Urus rounded edges. The front fascia sees large air intakes. Your headlights are regarded as those of Hurricane Aventador and Y as viewed from the side, the roof slides down gradually towards the rear and finally find a roof spoiler. At the rear you will find elegant taillights and bumpers with a major exhaust system with two, but not four nozzles. Its rear wings are higher than the front. On the way to 2016 Lamborghini Urus it roll on 24-inch 5-spoke wheels matt aluminum.

As expected form a 2016 Lamborghini Urus, the interior is elegant, quite spacious and comfortable. Four adult passengers are taken into account. The style was made using carbon fiber and polymer. The steering wheel turned on the headlights and wiper controls and functionality. Other vehicle functions are controlled via a touch screen in the center of the dashboard. This is all we have in the outside; you will be informed about new information once we receive.


So far no official announcement about this yet, but its CEO made the statement that the turbo engine is considered although it does not necessarily mean that will turbo. Despite all the controversy, it is said that the new 2016 Lamborghini Urus SUV to be authorized by the turbocharged V8 bi Audi 4.0 liter. Although no further information on the performance of the engine, and we can estimate the power output. Next to the engine in particular, there is a strong possibility that Lamborghini adds other engines as well as turbo diesel V8 engine and the hybrid system in the range. Given these three finishes, it is very logical since most high-end brands with similar alignment van for a car model now. Being an SUV, we should probably expect the drive configuration options four-wheel and two-wheel drive.

Release and Price

It is too early for an official release date or price, but according to rumors, in 2016 Lamborghini Urus will be priced at around $ 210,000. The model is ready to be launched in the last quarter 2016.

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