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The Kia Rio was launched for the first time in 2001 as an alternative reliable vehicle for Japanese equivalents which are much more expensive. The river is still in second-generation form and we do not get the next generation of cars very soon, Kia considered appropriate that an update of half the life was the light in order. It will get a 2016 Kia Rio, which will hit dealerships in the short-term. The last vehicle Kia was presented at the Paris Motor Show last year and gave us an idea of what to expect from the next car. Now when its release date is approaching more and more, I am able to make a comment and tell you what to expect of the coming of the car 2016 Kia Rio. The car is available in two forms and tailgate sedan, now, with the sedan version a little more up to date to match the characteristics of the trap has already been changed before. The update is necessary for other reasons too. The 2014 sales measure a sharp decline in sales in 2016 Kia Rio vehicles, while competition is Nissan Versa, Chevy Sonic or Ford Fiesta vehicles led the main points in this segment and did not allow the 2016 Kia Rio do it again in any way. So, this update will determine whether 2016 Kia Rio is fit enough to swim with the big fish and everyone hopes that it will at least raise sales at first.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the 2016 Kia Rio will be updated a bit. The most changes get to the part of the front of the car that the car will be the lowest position and will be slightly wider and initially will be much sportier than before. The front of the car has a car nose grille tiger style is updated and also pushing inward slightly headlights. The headlights are round and now include revised surrounds. The lower valance has also been changed for this year and is larger and straighter than the previous model. It also means a lot to the new wider and lower aspect of the Kia vehicle. The rear of the car 2016 Kia Rio has not been updated as much as other parts of the vehicle. The only thing that was added is now wider reflectors are positioned slightly outside of the car and out of the bumper. This realizes a larger vision of the car and helps to be spreader and spread to the back. All other changes to the 2016 model are linked to the outside of the color palettes that are added. New for this year are the colors blue, yellow and urban digital that you can choose for your vehicle. Kia designers hope that these changes will be sufficient to provide better sales and a higher number of the company in the coming years.

There are some updates also given in 2016 Kia Rio car. Most of the changes are focused on improving the car comfort. High density foam is installed in the A and B pillars to help reduce NVH. This makes a lot quieter cabin and a pleasant vehicle to drive on. However, the changes are not confined there and there is top quality materials added to give it a higher degree is in the car. Some special features include satin finish trims around the air vents and center console in piano black. Vehicle models 2016 Kia Rio come with a set designer, this means a combination of two-tone colors available for the interior of the car. It also includes cloth seats with colored ornaments in black and gray seams synthetic leather. LX or adjusting the base adds some very nice additions to the interior and some standard equipment and also provides a good setup. It includes a driver’s seat manual six-lane, air conditioning, cruise control on the steering wheel, power windows and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. The SX, on the other hand, adds a leather steering wheel, Supervision meter mounted on pallet exchange column, updated for the 2016 navigation system and much more.


The four-cylinder 1.6 liters generate a return for the 2016 model year under the hood of the car 2016 Kia Rio. This configuration is good enough to produce 138 horsepower at 6300 rpm and 123 lb-ft of torque at 4850. The manual six-speed transmission is standard pushing power to the front wheels of the car. The optional six-speed automatic and more. Fuel economy numbers have not been officially announced, but since this is the same engine as before are more likely to be at 27 mpg city, 37 mpg highway and 31 mpg combined.

Release and Price

The price ranges for 2016 Kia Rio is not officially released, but judging by the last year’s figures can reach $ 13,990 for the basic version, $ 16.990 for the car EX and SX will be around 18 090 $. The release date has not been formally established, but we expect the car to get in a month or two local distributors.

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