2016 Infiniti Q60 Exterior and Interior

Sunday, September 11th, 2016 - Infiniti


Infiniti luxury segment vehicles will be extended for another attractive vehicle. Last international car show in Detroit hosted a premiere of 2016 Infiniti Q60, giving a boost to all the rumors that we could get. However, many changes are about to happen in this car, but we are sure that this car is coming, whether in 2016 or not.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Infiniti Q60 has a better perspective of makeup and quality of a brand. Certainly incorporate closed curves and flowing lines, however, still maintain the intelligent Infiniti grille and front fascia. Tires are large enough to provide the best handling and the speed of traffic on the roads. The vehicle will be phenomenal hood and wisely so well-developed that surpass many other brands on the market. The car has 21-inch aluminum wheels type alloy. Spooked wheels certainly are painted in matt black with high gross attractive chrome detailing. The exhaust pipes 2016 Infiniti Q60 are chrome finishers. It is 184.6 inches long and its wheelbase is 112.2. Its height is over 53. 9 inches.

Inside look 2016 Infiniti Q60 has a comfortable space that will accommodate four travelers. This beautiful will be the driving force for perfection because of its internal functions. Among its functions is essential to the adaptive indoor driven forward direction. It is a device designed for discussions wisely brand that uses electrical energy management. You will definitely have a dashboard and enhanced with fantastic lights and a quality sound system that offers freshness type enveloping music. The seats are leather brand that can be found in various designs and colors will be better to provide users with maximum comfort and great relaxation.


From what we have heard, the drive train for the new 2016 Infiniti Q60 will be borrowed the concept of inspiration Q80. This means that this unit gets cut dual turbo DOHC, probably 3.0 liter V6 with direct injection. Same propulsion system was presented at the motor show in Paris, but in hybrid version, which is unlikely for 2016 Infiniti Q60. Two things are certain old engine 3.7 l new concept falls and rises to 400 horsepower produced per unit of age. The transmission 7-speed automatic, which sends power to the rear wheels by default, or all wheels, if buyers want too.

Release and Price

New 2016 Infiniti Q60 is a luxury sports car with an elegant shape, performance, quality, price and official release date has not been announced. Although the company has not really launched an official rate, speculations indicate that this new design 2016 Infiniti Q60 might go for more than $ 40,000. We hope you have a great day.

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