2016 Holden Trax Exterior and Interior

Friday, August 26th, 2016 - Holden


Holden Trax reintroduced in 2016, a better equipped and cheaper iteration base 2016 Holden Trax. The 2016 Holden Trax adds alloy wheels, 17 inches, a power sunroof, roof rails, chrome door handles and active plate, in 2016 Holden Trax.

Exterior and Interior

Step beyond 2016 Holden Trax and spend more for the more powerful engine, turbo engine and automatic transmission is obtained. You also get a sunroof drive mechanical wiper, heated front seats, windshield and automatically run when it rains. There is an armrest for the driver and front fog lights. A trip computer provides information on fuel, speed and range. A compass a nod to the image 2016 Holden Trax roading is provided. The look is reinforced with external additions such as chromium. Wheel size increases from 16 inches to 18 inches, and the tires of a lower profile feature (wheel change provides a sportier look and sharpens the steering and handling slightly).

Driving comfort in the small SUV is comfortable Renault Captur, for example, for the company, which headquarters in 2016 Holden Trax. The well-controlled bodies allow 2016 Holden Trax comfortable in his own way and make the most sensitive handling. The taut suspension prevents 2016 Holden Trax to shoot you in the cabin. 2016 Holden Trax up a bit more comfortably. 2016 Holden Trax offers a magnificent view of the road ahead of the front seats high. However, the plastic interior trim are difficult, and neither cloth nor vinyl seat adjustment feels plush. 2016 Holden Trax inside is not as attractive as other alternatives such as the Honda HR-V and Renault Captur. 2016 Holden Trax is good to stop the road noise, suspension and wind, however.


Under the hood 2016 Holden Trax is 103kW / 175Nm petrol engine with four base vehicle cylinders 1.8 liter, sending torque to the front wheels through either a manual gearbox or five-speed six automated expense identical speeds in both directions. The 1.4 turbo is not included.

Release and Price

All new models 2016 Holden Trax is in the range $ 23,990 – $ 28.890.

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