2016 Ford Mondeo Exterior and Interior

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 - Ford


2016 Ford Mondeo took much longer to build than normal, partly because of the difficulty of the language for a precise description of the car. Usually when we describe something, it is always easier to gravitate toward the ends of the scale. To celebrate the “tree top” or mock the “rock bottom” is a much simpler language to use most of the writing of the automotive industry is a world of superlatives. The biggest this, the smaller the fastest here, the more expensive. Easy. But when something like the 2016 Ford Mondeo is very crowded in the middle, it is very difficult to make a good sound without sounding bad. That while the 2016 Ford Mondeo could be an average car, which is a superbly average car sound, does justice not only to the average size. So it seems that the fourth generation 2016 Ford Mondeo is something of an oxymoron. Characterized as “impressive poor”, “brilliantly moderate” or simply “perfectly normal” might be grammatically correct but difficult terrain more Madison Avenue creative play.

Exterior and Interior

Although the exterior of the 2016 Ford Mondeo has not changed much in recent years, this year may come with a few innovations. Rumors say it will be certainly more elegant than previous models. Not that much is known about the vehicle as all information is still kept secret by the manufacturer. However. Grilled she realized that was slightly modified and the same wheels 17 “are kept plain, without much detail.

Thank you high and fast on spy photographer’s trigger of the eye, we have the opportunity to see what is new in the 2016 Ford Mondeo. Well, at least the models tested. What is spotted is the new upholstery and beautiful keys in it. What dominates the cabin are matte wood trim and special stitching. The new regime takes gives you a sense of superior quality with delicate tactile surfaces. Although it is not yet clear, it is assumed that part Infotainment QNX Blackberry will be installed instead of Microsoft SYNC lighthouse. However, it is likely that the movement could be possible in the time since the scope of the information and entertainment does not influence the test and SYNC could be used for housing. The vehicle is also equipped with MyFord Touch Wi-Fi and entertainment system, with the ability to connect up to 5 different devices simultaneously.


On the way, the 2016 Ford Mondeo continues to impress ordinary. The EcoBoost 2.0-liter gasoline turbo 177kW / 345 nm is sufficient grip for traffic tasks across town and quite able to move effortlessly. The 2300-4900rpm torque band says it has the answer when you need it most, and found that the car settled around consumption / 100km 10L for operation of the urban environment (Ford claims the consumer cycle 11.9 L / and 8.2L / 100 km 100 km mixed urban.) 2016 Ford Mondeo is not light, either, compared with 1622 kg 1475 kg in a Mazda6, although it is still lighter than 1645 kg Hyundai Sonata.

Release and Price

The information disseminated in the media this week that the 2016 Ford Mondeo appear in showrooms in early May of this year, priced at $ 32,790.

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