2016 Ford GT Exterior and Interior

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 - Ford


It is increasingly evident that we will see the 2016 Ford GT vehicle soon. As the first gene that was released before the vehicle was stopped and the brand has been rejected, it is actually a very interesting and fruitful new that many fans find most intriguing. The second generation GT promises to be almost as twice as good as the previous one, and it will be reminiscent of the past with a modern version of it. In ancient times, when Ferrari was dominant and when they managed to win all the races that have, Ford had an idea to buy the Italian brand to incorporate into its own. But at the last moment, Enzo Ferrari withdrew the offer leaving furious and devastated Henry Ford. This opened the way for a 2016 Ford GT was ordered by Ford for the next race at Le Mans. The new vehicle was supposed to compete with Ferrari in any way and establish dominance against the vehicle. 2016 Ford GT not only managed to win the next race, but won all the others in the coming years. The brand 2016 Ford GT is a direct descendant of that GT40 was designed as a first generation recently, but was stopped very quickly. This new embodiment of the vehicle promises to bring us a better car popular concept with many innovative and modern additions for treatment. 2016 Ford GT was revealed to the Auto Show in Detroit this year and was a great immediate success. With a traditional look and the use of certain modern techniques, the vehicle is every fans dream and perhaps the best supercar built by Ford. This review will help you find all there is to know about the specifications and also include some photos were published after the show with the real and the announcement of the vehicle.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Ford GT is unique stressed that guarantees the respect of all who pass on the sidewalk, and ensures that is an important point of reference regarding the messages of social media. The two ducts in the front give the car a menacing and memorable, like the signature sloping nose. On the back, round hips give the new 2016 Ford GT different elegant style of one of his predecessors. It also comes with spinnaker pole wings for extra support. When we got inside, the interior is designed without doubt the best ease of use and control of the spruce. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and find purpose, even on long journeys. The pedals and steering wheel are adjustable to ensure drivers receive a personalized driving position to your liking.


The engine used in the 2016 Ford GT was actually a bit of a surprise. In a twist of events miracle when everyone expects the motor force causes we have in the Mustang GT350 to use, Ford designers have taken a new direction, so 3.5-liter, V-6 EcoBoost they selected. This engine also uses the power of two turbo and added really is the next generation EcoBoost is based on the Ford engine that was used in the inner lane IMSA Daytona Prototypes. The energy produced ranks more than 600 horses and a lot of improvements that are added that allow it really small engine to produce a lot of power is due. It will use the transaxle dual-clutch transmission with seven gears, but do not come with a manual transmission this time. The figures are not yet, but expect the car to the top of the 0-60 mph mark in less than 4 seconds, while top speed somewhere around 200 mph.

Release and Price

The new cost 2016 Ford GT should be expected to start from an approximately $ 150,000 price. You have to go on sale sometime in 2016.

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