2016 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior

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2016 Ford Fusion helped fuel the cross module area, the best techno-goodies class, agile, rich walk inside, and a sticker that will do the usual suburban thrill. In any case, the possibility that you just have to feel the earth-pleaser and unity, it is less than 20 miles ahead, this mid-size car is the best possible. The up and coming model year 2016 Ford Fusion Se is offered with luxury finishes, and delivery upper titanium frame. Expected redesigns incorporated unfortunately cancellation extraordinary front windows. Perhaps, however, just take the tape to the new plan or a new control wheel on the dashboard will not consider the absence of outside air by being socialized.

Exterior and Interior

As the current appearance of the car is not new, it will still be used for the exterior design of the 2016 Ford Fusion. Even if the vehicle does not come with many innovative additions and that this is a car that is a little old by certain rules, which remains fresh as the day has gone the way of the production line. It is a style and looks good and will turn heads wherever it goes. It does this premise of its front face and continues with it by the end of the vehicle. The front is a particularly audacious example. With the hexagonal front grille and bevels added between the new models of headlights, the car is a beauty. The front panel also receives new fog lamps this time ending changes at the front. Line slightly arched roof of the car like the Audi A7, which is particularly remarkable to see the car from the rear. LED tail lights have also been taken from the A7 and mark this aspect also. But I do not think less of this car, because it is all Ford and side view of the car and made his identity adds. Speak in general terms, the 2016 Ford Fusion has a remarkable position and a great sense of measure it is actually your advantage and what makes the car so good. Without any exaggeration, perhaps the most anticipated best car of the year in search.

The interior has been designed to match the exterior 2016 Ford Fusion. He is so handsome and beautiful as ever, but it is much more useful and functional in this way too. The new timing of the screen and new controls has managed to renew the center console of the car and became a working model both now. It has more mechanical buttons have been arranged intelligently dashboard and allow for easier use. It is very different from the Party and brother’s approach as it moves away from the angular shape that was used there. It provides the framework for controls on the center console on a metal ring that leaves a strong and very graphic mark in the booth that way. Even a storage compartment is added as the temperature control is very helpful too. Lower trim levels also get a LCD display for radio and synchronization. Around it, there are a number of physical buttons, you can watch undersized for the allotted space, but does not really seem like they were completely out-of-place. There are some shiny black plastic inserts inside, especially on set and arms, which are prone to scratches and may be the only part of the car that we do not want. In short, a new attractive design that goes well with the basic look of the car outside, which adds some features to it as well.


The 2016 Ford Fusion is the central gas / electric module that highlight a line of 4 cameras (I4) engine of 2.0 liters of gas, an electric motor 88 kW and a frame module load – all under the constant support of the standard variable transmission (CVT). Currently, the regenerative braking participants I4 both fuel combustion and the module frame to keep the battery charged. Please note, in all cases, the assembly of a full load module using the frame 120 volts will take about 7 hours; Discretionary connected to a 240 volt charger tightens the battery about 2.5 hours. Similarly return to the promising model year 2016 Ford Fusion EV remarkable in that car three selectable driving modes: EV Now for all-electric drive, the Auto EV mode is provided, which provides a productive way the I4 engine when necessary and EV mode later, saving the module position after use.

Release and Price

The car will be available for sale next year, when it is set to appear on the market. 2016 Ford Fusion will be presented to the release date is scheduled for February next year. The price is also the most appropriate because the car will be available at an MSRP of $ 22.600 base.

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