2016 Ferrari Laferrari Exterior and Interior

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Ferrari produced his first public appears at the Geneva Salon in 2013, center stage, despite huge rivals McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Veneno. Not only supercar legally fastest Maranello, the 2016 Ferrari Laferrari can also be the beginning of Ferrari to make a hybrid propulsion system. Developed as a successor to the Enzo and F50 Almighty, the 2016 Ferrari Laferrari is the first Ferrari will not be produced by Pininfarina think of truth as 1973.

Exterior and Interior

This type of design does a typical aspect 2016 Ferrari Laferrari often appears strongly that appearance, including the solution. This type of luxury sedan with two doors is created to the extent that supplies the lines, however, the well-defined effects could develop streamlined with energy and design at the same time. Innovative headlights and very caused to the mode and the rear lights are more than one proof in particular. Gateways begin, of course, through the planning of the rooms.

The term itself is also very comfortable for two people. The other thing is the protection of this 2016 Ferrari Laferrari sedan. In other words, even if we talk about any luxury sedan, the manufacturer has developed a number of protective functions such protection, including both Sedan and individuals. In addition, the manufacturer includes some very contemporary accessories, for example along a wireless connection to the World Wide Web, to help this special luxury sedan, all the latest.


Naturally, 2016 Ferrari Laferrari shares his body, chassis and every beautiful bit of technology with the hardtop. This requires 6.3-liter V-12 engine and the electric motor, the place to another without much significantly less than 963 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. Speaking of high-speed winds blowing through the hair of one.

Release and Price

This usually will not be a sedan that is expensive, plus it is the small number of those who can often invest a lot of money for it. There is no particular cost, however, we really believe that this design certainly cost $ 1,7.000.000. Throughout 2016 Ferrari Laferrari is a better luxury sedan. However, the cost may be the problem in order to reduce most individuals.

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