2016 Ferrari 458 Exterior and Interior

Sunday, August 21st, 2016 - Ferrari


2016 Ferrari 458 is the collapse of the hardtop convertible form the beautiful Ferrari car. It has an affair outside of those who mourn Ferrari fumes as strong as the work of bright red paint, which unveiled its new eight-camera, game engines Half standard automobile transportation, and the successor to the 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia abundance loved to see the crazy speed, indeed aspirated V-8 resigned a turbo unit.

Exterior and Interior

If you like to spend the weekend on the circuit, so that you are preparing a new 2016 Ferrari 458. With many improvements in design, it is just perfect. It is set so that the center of gravity even lower than before. It has a weight of about 2650 pounds. This means it is a little lighter than the previous model, such as using more efficient materials. 2016 Ferrari 458 will be the car with the best aerodynamics in the offer of the Ferrari Company. This is achieved by installing adjustable side spoilers. The air intakes are located next to the extension aggressive LED headlights. This time is larger, which means a better and more efficient driving. In the body are also new vents for turbo and intercooler. The bumpers have been redesigned and updated with modern lighting units. As the front and back. The front fascia is slightly increased, but everything is in accordance with the intended design. 2016 Ferrari 458 is a true Italian charm, with new alloy wheels of 20 inches. About the inks do not need to talk because it is the most famous long red, yellow and black Ferrari. It will be updated color palette remains to be seen.

What can you expect from a 2016 Ferrari 458 sports luxury? Many materials and high quality accessories. All that favored the rich. The seats offer great comfort and sympathy. Leather with the best of all the necessary adjustments. There are also details chromium, carbon and aluminum. Everything is in place. Carefully placed and useful. Sports steering wheel has all the necessary keys to the functional check. The driver is in a privileged position and all controls are easily accessible. Scanning has everything under control. So, at the front of the controller is established control panel with all necessary information on the current status of the vehicle. The central part of the cab occupies the entire touch screen. It is connected to an audio device with great potential, with a navigation system, communication options and any other necessary for a luxury car. The enthusiasm of each conductor is inevitable. Some details will be available closer to the date when production begins.


The new engine is smaller than its predecessor, and its uprooting of 488 cubic centimeters per barrel is named 488GTB car. It increased by eight, operating at 3902 cc for the new V8 to 90 degrees, which is coupled to, as the V-8 2016 Ferrari 458, a double handle seven speeds. Despite the decrease of 0.6 liter engine makes 661 relocation of hard power at 8000 rpm and 597 force at 9000 rpm for 2016 Ferrari 458 special. By reaching 561 lbft less than 3000 rpm, far eclipsing 398 lbft 2016 Ferrari 458 special. Mechanically many respects to that of Italy, the spider a vibrant 4.5-liter V8 direct infusion that moves through a seven-speed transmission with double handle mechanized speed manual.

Release and Price

2016 Ferrari 458 should be on sale later this year. However, official information of the company none. The price is certainly another story, because this car in its basic version costs less than $ 260,000.

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