2016 Dodge Nitro Exterior and Interior

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2016 Dodge Nitro is already essentially a male recipient of niche vehicles appears much less a nod as a great metropolis. 2016 Dodge Nitro has made many improvements truck as an alternative to the global version called for the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, Kia Sportage, Chevrolet Equinox and jointly fund a brand new Hyundai Mexico from a variety of other. 2016 Dodge Nitro is already very strong in terms of independence of the car, although trivial, especially as extras directed to the agreement of the road suspensions.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Dodge Nitro vehicles and so perhaps many perspectives of the entire name of the sedan and device opposition machine. Chrome wheels 20 inches substantial in very few trim levels locked in the luxurious look. 2016 Dodge Nitro had been meticulously compared, although slightly, regardless of the car as well as a suspension that has been achieved in many control domain of extra meaning to try.

2016 Dodge Nitro interior, the space of the soul was fairly general, while the back facing forward to broaden the chair payload area Thethe Forward folded normal business for extended payload, as well as changes later / high floor finishing payload fell (n go ‘lots) for a wide range of operation easier. Very effective and cutting plastic materials, but also poor very small very large pieces furnished the house shine.


By connecting the old technology of 3. 7-liter V-6 from 2016 Dodge Nitro four-speed tyranny system is really known the lot is almost like speed and greater roughness despite four. 0-liter engine and five-speed automatic jointly offer a much longer meeting with the gas utilization is not less. EPA power numbers are apparently part of the economic prohibiting the charm of only 15 or 16 miles per gallon, also in the city, 21 on the highway.

Release and Price

New 2016 Dodge Nitro SUV and Ram vehicles moderately valued Dodge costs range from $ 17,630 to $ 28,165 (for a start). Sports FANATIC for the Dodge Viper starts at $ 91,185, with thirteen of their styles observed inducing opposition and cars jointly Travel Wall Charger muscle mass, as well as passages 2016 Dodge Nitro.

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