2016 Dodge Hellcat Exterior and Interior

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Dodge just hit a home run with his twin 2016 Dodge Hellcat who cannot even meet all your fans in their stadium. While having absurdly high demand is good, if unexpected or unprepared for, this can lead to unfilled orders, so he spent with the automaker. Dodge was forced to cancel the remaining 900 orders for 2015 model year Dodge Challenger and 2016 Dodge Hellcat. Do not worry, however, that the audited orders get first dibs in 2016 Dodge Hellcat vehicle model, whose price, however, it remains a mystery. In fairness, Dodge Company is not guilty of unfulfilled orders. Some irresponsible dealers took customer orders knowing that would be missed. FCA has shared his words with its dealer network, call these practices “unscrupulous”.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Dodge Hellcat debut as an “old challenger fashioned” and still come in look passes obvious. However, this should not be understood in the sense that the new 2016 Dodge Hellcat will be retro specifications and performance. No doubt will be improved more technological and attractive than any of its previous version. These advanced features will also help the new 2016 Dodge Hellcat to protect themselves from any potential competitor. As the new 2016 Dodge Hellcat will come with similar configurations, buyers must wait headlights and taillights rear bumper and redesigned and of course technology, LED gift lights. Impressive vehicle will sit on 20 “alloy wheels, which come with Pirelli tires better traction.

The cabin of the new 2016 Dodge Hellcat can carry up to five people effortlessly and with the head and the right leg. It will be more comfortable with high quality materials that will be used during assembly. At the center of the redesigned dashboard will be a touch screen that gives the driver simple control and infotainment functions use. The interior comes with fine leather upholstery and seats have an attractive handle. The seats hold function proves a necessity, especially in the high speed corners. Aspiring users of this vehicle is the vehicle and excellent for use in almost all occasions. Other noteworthy features include Alcantara leather seats, large center console that show features such as navigation, climate control, trip information, entertainment control, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi, etc.


These muscle cars 2016 Dodge Hellcat 707 horsepower unprecedented. Do not expect anything to change under the hood of the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 coupe. Zero to 60 mph is covered in 3.6 seconds and top speed is somewhere in the neighborhood 199 mph.

Release and Price

It is expected that the new 2016 Dodge Hellcat will be released later this year (2015) and 2016 model year. The undoubtedly vehicle will go on sale shortly after the official beginning mentioned above. 2016 Dodge Hellcat prices begin at $ 65.190 – $ 68.640.

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