2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior

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He retired model 2016 Dodge Dakota receive new image and the manufacturer plans to release. This model was the subject of three generations, with the existence of twenty-four years, from 1987 to 2011. Index of the last generation of lower sales was the main reason why the manufacturer has been stopped further production. This model has an important role in the segment of medium trucks, and the company expects 2016 Dodge Dakota success of its predecessors repeat. Plant in Mexico will be where the new model will be built. Difference between the latest model and the new product will be more obvious.

Exterior and Interior

When we mentioned the new model 2016 Dodge Dakota certainly expect design style lines changed and improved. In order to influence the aerodynamics and improved vehicle performance. But some say he did a complete and thorough overhaul. He gets a bold and modern look, with more rounded edges. Quite the opposite of this 2016 Dodge Dakota used to represent. But only in a positive direction. Sufficient data are similar to Rampage or RAM models. This may attract more customers, because all that is associated with quality and elegance. Sporting direction is not left with the use of quality materials and decorative details. The distinctive grille is very modern and ideally integrated with new LED headlights. The bumpers are reinforced, while the rear lighting units arranged vertically along the edge of the body. Cab has four doors. With the trailer truck functions length increases slightly compared to the previous model. With the new wheel design and excellent exterior colors 2016 Dodge Dakota Meanwhile for those who need a durable and attractive truck. The aesthetics of the interior is important, but functionality. The designers have worked hard to pack everything into one. Cab gets more room for five passengers. With a stylish look and comfortable blend of quality seating. Upholstered in the finest materials. Designers use the best materials to assemble all the parts inside. Sufficient space is provided for the various compartments and pockets to accommodate a variety of things or small tools. Because many people will opt for the 2016 Dodge Dakota a large SUV. Button layout and all functions are convenient and easily accessible for the driver.

In addition to a modern look and can conclude the existence of high-tech equipment and all items related to entertainment or driving safety. The central part occupies the touch screen. It is connected to the main part of the system. First, device options and audio communication. There is a cruise control, defrost the windshield, ABS, latest generation navigation system, hands-free, voice commands and more. Enough control had found a place on the wheel. Yet 2016 Dodge Dakota is a modern and attractive truck with the owner of a lot.


Power train segment 2016 Dodge Dakota is still secret information. Although it is unknown, the expectation is that the engine range will consist of the power unit for the base 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8 as more powerful unit. This should not be surprising, because these engines are similar to those of possible models of competition. Base engine will be capable of producing up to 210 horsepower. The engine may be associated with any automatic with manual five or six speeds. The priority is to provide a more efficient vehicle, and the manufacturer is still working on improving this area. They will try to provide an average of 30 miles per gallon of fuel consumption. In addition, some of the new engines are likely to be part of the agreement, diesel and gasoline, but still unknown.

Release and Price

The early 2016 Dodge Dakota is supposed to be presented to the public later this year. Exactly when the sale has not yet been released early. Base price could be $ 60,000.

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