2016 Citroen E-Mehari Exterior and Interior

Friday, August 19th, 2016 - Citroen


2016 Citroen E-Mehari, a little electric cabriolet in collaboration with Bollore recovers a historic name for the brand. According to preliminary data released today, 2016 Citroen E-Mehari is a four-seater available in four body colors, combined with a soft top in two colors and many finishes for the interior.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Citroen E-Mehari has a higher open design with muscular body type SUV. Grooved sides are a nod to the original 2016 Citroen E-Mehari. 2016 Citroen E-Mehari uses a soft top, which Citroen says that can be used to cover the front, back, side or around the vehicle. The rear seat can also be folded for extra storage space. The body of the 2016 Citroen E-Mehari is made of thermoformed plastic and available in a range of colors, including various radical paint schemes for the roof. The car can be washed inside and outside jet.


The model 2016 Citroen E-Mehari uses a thermoformed plastic body and a lithium-polymer capacity rechargeable lithium battery of 30 kWh which feeds the engine 68 Maximum power hp 50 kW /, and can be fully recharged in eight hours an output 16a. 10A with a conventional connector at the place required 13 hours. As said, it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 110 km / h and offers a range up to 200 km and 100 km in use in urban slums. It is released during cop21. Produced in the PSA Rennes, the little power (which is 3.81 m long), it will be marketed from next spring. His first will be held on December 9 at corporate headquarters in Paris: just in time for the last days of cop21 the climate conference called by the United Nations and hosted by the French capital.

Release and Price

2016 Citroen E-Mehari price is € 24,000 (+ rental of the battery), but the full details of performance has not been published yet.

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