2016 Citroen DS5 Exterior and Interior

Friday, August 19th, 2016 - Citroen


It is expected that the new 2016 Citroen DS5 to be an ideal place for elegant end of the family car market. This will be facilitated by the car is designed in an attractive and modern way. The vehicle will also be a powerful engine that will easily lead to different types of terrain. The manufacturers of this vehicle should provide various modern features that are mainly based on the latest technology.

Exterior and Interior

Let’s look first at the cabin 2016 Citroen DS5, which retains the unorthodox fascia design firm with all sorts of angles, plastic surfaces / metal / leather analog “clock” pretentious way of saying “look.” In its favor, it is anything but “cookie cutter” as a colleague said, and is ergonomic to start thinking for designers to be a cab except the steering wheel and windshield reflections heavy HUD projector distracting. Of course, being French, have decent cup holders are asking too much. Storage is another good thing, though. Center console that seems to occupy half of the bowels of the transmission tunnel, so it’s like Mary Poppins bag.

The ingenious sunroof remains strength, given its design means the target passenger may have covered if the driver leaves in bright sunshine. The ceiling for blankets and head-up display the knobs to follow the aviation theme with sliding plumb. There is a new touch screen equipped that facilitates the elimination of home no less than 12 buttons, which is always a positive thing, even if the 7.0-inch drive is not the last word in modernity. The software, which includes satellite navigation and DAB +, is familiar with the new models of PSA and the touch screen works quite well, although we have to leverage your way through the menus bother to turn the awkward idle stop system. Excellent are also the fabulous leather seats three different functions to hide in the cab, which is even better in the design of the optional hand strap. The general feeling of craftsmanship is suitably well, in how a handbag designer call.


Reliable sources have confirmed that this vehicle will use a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that has the capacity to produce torque of 185 and 210 hp. This engine is mated to a six-speed transmission that will provide the car with enough power to be used mainly in the power of soft ground. This engine will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in nine seconds. Energy efficiency 2016 Citroen DS5 will be relatively high to allow users to spend less fuel.

Release and Price

As with 2016 Citroen DS5 range to create an important guarantee of six years with the support of six years of service in the price of the covered road and help, so from the perspective of the property which is better than who seems. But none of this changes the fact that, despite its design and exclusivity us, is a car that costs more than $ 60,000, once on the road. And do not drive or feel worthy of that label sometimes.

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