2016 Citroen DS4 Exterior and Interior

Friday, August 19th, 2016 - Citroen


The parent company 2016 Citroen DS4 announced a revised range with the gate receiving a facelift and a new brother. No prizes for guessing which a crossover model is more inspired designed to suck up to 30% of the market premium compact sedans that is now dominated by followers of the soft path. Tell 2016 Citroen DS4 outside the rear window regularly roof gray bars, front and rear spoiler finished in black, and tippy toe foot height 30mm advantage. Both will make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Exterior and Interior

From the outside, our € 24,880 ($ 37,000 A) in mid-specification ‘Style’ specification 2016 Citroen DS4 a rather elegant appearance hatch cut if specifically “French”. A bulbous nose with new treatments and headlight grille give it a more luxurious look than its base. The large panoramic windscreen is comically like a receding hairline leading to a rear end cut, chopped hatch with hidden door handles Alfa-Esque. There are all the twists and lines that you expect from a declaration required French style, but the back has not really changed at all, because for the first time the car in 2012. One thing not yet grasp : for a sporty, luxury coupe hatch thing, which is very high. A good 30 mm above normal Citroen C4, to be exact, and it is even 30 mm shy of the new version of the cross back. The context is key here, so think of a Mazda CX-3 or Trax Holden, 155mm and 158mm which has the ground clearance, respectively. 2016 Citroen DS4 has 173mm. This is the territory of a Bigfoot rear window.

Inside, too, the style, but the awkward theme continues. For driver and passenger, large windshield offers beautiful views and a bright cabin. Most switches are parts bin of PSA, but easy to use and ergonomic wisely. Instruments can be dyed to be all blue with white or white with blue centers and anything in between. There are good support seats, upholstered in our car with a mixture of dynamic-suede and leather. Enter in the back and although brief 2016 Citroen DS4 part of the “cut” comes to light. The doors are small and quite narrow opening. Head and leg room is compromised for large adults and no rear vents. You get a 12 charger volts, center armrest with ski port, map pockets and door bins good, but you cannot put the windows down. Yes, 2016 Citroen DS4 is a hatchback with fixed rear windows. Style over substance taken nth degree. For what it is worth, however, if it does not match, the rear seat is quite comfortable and my seven-year old son travel partner’s age was happy there once had the air conditioner cooled the car down (he made rather quickly).


Hatches 2016 Citroen DS4 boasts six different engines, while rear cross is limited to a single choice of petrol and diesel. The level gate input is powered by a Puretech (petrol option back on the cross) 130 turbocharged engine, generating 128bhp and 170 lb-ft of torque from a low 1750 rpm. An old manual six-speed right mode is the only available option. Step by step through the range are the range THP 165 and THP 210 top engine, producing 163bhp and 207bhp respectively. There are three diesel options offered, too, with a blue entry-HDI 120 engine, which has a claimed 74.3mpg (diesel option on cross back). Next in line, it is a HDI 150 diesel blue with a claimed 72.4mpg and the top of the diesel range, the mile-muncher road, and HDI 180 diesel blue with only one choice of car. Economy figures are in 64.2mpg.

Release and Price

The new 2016 Citroen DS4 debut in Frankfurt 15 September with prices from £ 19,500. The first models are expected to arrive in the UK in November this year.

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