2016 BMW 330i Exterior and Interior

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 - BMW


Externally, the new front and rear lights, as well as subtly massaged bumper, have updated the 3 Series apart from its predecessor, but at first glance the new 2016 BMW 330i does not shout your changes. Under the hood is a new engine family of modular engines that BMW now spreads throughout its range. Again, this does not mean a huge change, but offers some small improvements. And inside guessed only subtle alterations, nothing drastic. BMW hopes its formula, so things are still familiar. Of course, for those who want to stand out in a crowd, the 2016 BMW 330i Sun can not quite hit the mark. But if you like to drive, and a finely honed blade, you will find a lot to like, well that is familiar in the new 2016 BMW 330i.

Exterior and Interior

2016 BMW 330i is one of the less adventurous models, Ball line with the current 5 wise appearance, but elegant. This segment is still very important for the company, despite the increase in SUV, like its two German rivals whose corresponding vehicles are also lower than the courageous search. It is a beautiful sedan classic proportion, an evolution of the successful E90. There is little change as part of the upgrade, with the exception of logos and details like the shape of the LED daytime running lights. The classic design is placed between the sharp creases Saville Row Audi and Mercedes, Hyundai and flowing lines. There is no doubt BMW from every angle, with a light hockey stick in the back, the profile at ground level with the creation of glass family and trademark kidney grille.

Inside again, he has changed very little. 2016 BMW 330i gets the M leather steering wheel wrapped thicker (some consider unless necessary), sport seats, various aluminum trim pieces and lots of leather in general. Occupants of the front seats have a good view and plenty of head, leg and shoulder and cardboard thin instruments through the car add to the sense of space, while the springs an inch above screen ten pad vents. There are a number of poor storage around the car, with cup holders in the front, pockets in the doors and seat backs, cup holders in the armrest and trunk of the rear central volume of 480 liters (Audi A4: 480 liter Mercedes C-class: 480). 2016 BMW 330i large frame mounted display panel is filled with a real BMW iDrive ten inch screen checked with all the grease in the center console. As always, there is a utility model, including the touch screen on top that can be used as a laptop. The system is not new carplay / Android Auto A4, however, so it is important to you, start asking. BMW said in the past carplay will be along sometime in the next 18 months. Series 3 was dynamic king of this segment for a long, long time. GPS is well detailed and easy to use, including updated real-time traffic, so you do not even need to look out the window to know that you are stuck on the M5 motorway to Sydney for any apparent reason.


New family of engines BMW offers something of an approach to “cut down to size.” The four-cylinder 2016 BMW 330i modular built with the same set of base component 318i 340i three cylinders and six cylinders. It is also the same engine that you found in the 320i, but much more muscular power output and torque that delivers 185kW of power at 6500rpm and 350Nm of torque from 1450 to 4800rpm. 328i with respect to the projection, which is more than 5 kW while the couple remains the same, but it comes at 200 rpm taken later. You would be hard to choose the difference between the two. Put them back to back and new cars shaves only a second 0.1 0-100 km speed / h to 5.8 seconds.

Release and Price

All new 2016 BMW 330i base model starts at $ 72,500.

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