2016 Bentley Arnage Exterior and Interior

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 - Bentley


Competition in one of the most exclusive markets of the engine, the 2016 Bentley Arnage sedan is the most luxurious of the legendary manufacturer. In addition to providing the last word luxury, it offers great performance, all wrapped in a package with a strong sense of style and taste.

Exterior and Interior

A quarter of British luxury sedan million, which should therefore not surprise that 2016 Bentley Arnage comes with equipment and large amounts of dollars in wood and leather. Items such as reclining rear seats, air conditioning tri, DVD navigation, Bluetooth and park assist are modern touches that make this car the old school a little friendlier 21st century as special options such as colors, materials, wheels, identity cards and entertainment systems allow a homeowner to create meticulously Bentley car of your dreams. The long wheelbase RL came in 2003, when there were large external design changes made to all 2016 Bentley Arnage. While within the traditional English club said 2016 Bentley Arnage is contemporary in terms of passive safety plan and rear side airbags mounted in the ceiling airbags and curtains. And with all these screwed airbags in a robust body stand that packs a punch of 5750 pounds, this is clearly a good place to be a building must jump suddenly in your path. Although the interior design team has generally done a good job of 2016 Bentley Arnage mixture then and now, not while playing as well as we might wish. The navigation system, which appears outside the dashpot dressed in leather, is an excellent example. Not only would involve a handheld remote control, which we do not like, curmudgeon who we are, because the attention away from the head is necessary, but this particular unit had different tendencies part-time. In fact, sometimes it does not work at all.


2016 Bentley Arnage has two engine options: 6.75-liter twin-turbo petrol (400 bhp and 450bhp), both coupled to an automatic transmission with standard four-speed. Trim levels are R, RL T, and T with the engine output highest winner.

Release and Price

2016 Bentley Arnage in the price range £ 17.495 to £ 32.990.

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