2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 Exterior and Interior

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 - Alfa Romeo


It is probably the worst way ever spruik driver safety, but easily the coolest in terms of approval of the new technology. In theory, the 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 will start with a solar battery. Once the lighting of wind energy is obtained starts to take over the car air channels moving through turbines to generate power. A think what turbine in dams produces electricity and is on track.

Exterior and Interior

You may have seen different types of cars of F1 but never seen races like 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 earlier. This F1 car came with a very interesting design. It almost seems careers of the future with details unique and futuristic fashion. Although the design of this car is inspired by Formula 1 racing car, the 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 data are very different from common racing cars that can be seen these days.

The body kit came with more aggressive details that combine unique shapes and wild lines. In short, this concept Alfa Romeo race car has an appearance as the beast, but the most elegant structures. The design of the side grills in this 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 is as unique as your body kit. The chassis also came with a special design that makes this racing car is special.


The 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30 established power is used to generate the engine that is capable of producing 284 horsepower. If this design will make its way to the production plant, it is very unlikely, but designs like these create a phenomenal dialogue on renewable energy. In addition, avoiding gas prices is another little benefit.

Release and Price

Since this is still just a racing concept, there is no official release date and official price of this car 2016 Alfa Romeo AW30.

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